Reactivate the Crystal Palace Park Concert Platform

Bromley Council is looking for creative and community-minded business proposals to reactivate the cherished concert platform in Crystal Palace Park.

In 1996, Ian Ritchie Architects won a competition to design a permanent concert platform in Crystal Palace Park. The structure, which is largely made of oxidised Corten A steel, was designed on the principles of nature, gravitas, levitas and simplicity. It hosted its first concert in August 1997, and won the Civic Trust Award in 1998 as well as being shortlisted for the Stirling Prize the same year.

Despite its potential, a number of factors have meant that the concert platform has never been a financially viable commercial venue. As a result, it is now mostly unused and has fallen into disrepair.

However, the council recognises the value of the concert platform as a community building, and within the context of the wider regeneration plan, they are looking to reactivate it for the benefit of the park and the community it serves. The council is open to proposals and is not defining the future use of the platform. However, any proposal is required to benefit the park’s community and enhance public recreation.

To further ensure the community fully benefits from this opportunity, the new operator will be required to make the concert platform available for free community use for a proportion of each week. This means that local community groups will be able to use the space, free of charge, to host things such as small-scale concerts and performances, art exhibitions, workshops or health and wellbeing classes.

The council has been working alongside the Friends of Crystal Palace Park and the Concert Platform Working Group in developing this opportunity and a representative will be chosen to participate in the evaluation of proposals.

The opportunity is being made available through Pro Contract / Due North. Interested parties should visit https://procontract.due-north.com/Login and create a free account if not already registered.

Full details will be published on Monday 6 January 2020 and submissions will be accepted from this date until Friday 28 February 2020. Search using DN445339 once registered.

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  1. 18th April 2020 @ 2:08 pm Noel

    I think that this is a brilliant idea. Everytime I have walked past it, I have wondered why such a brilliant facility has not become the Kenwood of South London and a community space.


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