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Tour de Penge 2017

As The Tour de Penge enters its 11th year, the PTB caught up for a Q&A with organising committee member Conor Crossinggum from Penge Cycle Club. PTB: Can you describe the Tour de Penge to those that don’t know it? Part of the Penge Festival, the Tour starts with the spectacle of hundreds of cyclists…

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My Penge: Christopher O’Shaughnessy

I have lived in Penge since 1971, originally in Samos Road, a few doors down from where the poet Walter de la Mare lived. I was born in Exeter, Devon, and moved to London in 1964 to train as a teacher at St Mary’s University, Strawberry Hill. My ancestors are all either from the West…


My Penge: Joel Taylor

‘People are just starting to realise what a great place it is.’ Joel is the deputy news editor at the Metro. He lives in the Alexandra Cottages with his wife and two young daughters. The thing I like most about Penge is that it’s full of character and charm. Its architecture is modest, yet lovely….

Martin Spence

My Penge: Martin Spence

‘It’s an old and venerable place’ Martin has lived in Penge since 1997. He’s the author of The Making of a London Suburb: Capital Comes to Penge, which tells the story of our little corner of the city, from the late eighteenth century to the late nineteenth. This period of 100 years sees Penge explode…


My Penge: Helen

‘It’s a genuine community’ Helen, an executive director in the public sector, has lived on St John’s Road for 16 years. She’s the interim chair of the Penge Cycle Club. My favourite thing about Penge is all the new initiatives that are happening at the moment. I’m especially excited about the Bridge House Theatre –…

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