sunflowers - millie knight

Penge is blooming lovely!

A few months ago a young Penge resident by the name of Eleanor Way  sowed the seeds for a lovely colourful addition to the gardens of SE20 and her idea grew and grew and grew….

Six years old Eleanor made a poster for a Sunflower Growing Competition, buying seeds and posting them in mini envelopes through the letterboxes of each house on her road.  She included a slip with instructions, hoping that the residents would plant them in their front gardens for all to see. Within a few weeks Kingsdale Road was literally looking blooming marvellous, a sea of slender stemmed yellow flowers.  

The challenge went out to the rest of Penge to follow suit and many did…  with at least one reaching over 12 feet tall! However, as we all know it’s not the size that matters and we love them all.  Plus, clearly a lot of fun has been had achieving these impressive results, so well done the green fingered folk of SE20 and Eleanor, and her mum Melanie, in particular!

Here are just a few of the lovely results.  First up, the original one from Eleanor:

sunflowers - eleanor way

Here’s Samantha Gord’s

sunflower - samantha gord

Alice Preston’s:

sunflowers - alice preston

Belinda O’Grady’s

sunflowers - belinda ogrady

Diane Singers

sunflowers - diane singers

Isabele Parry’s:

sunflowers - isabel parry

Kate E Lemmon’s:

sunflowers - kate e lemmon

Kirsteen Ross’:

sunflowers - kirsteen ross

Lynny Turner’s:

sunflowers - lynny turner

Millie Knights’:

sunflowers - millie knight

Tracy Weedon’s

sunflowers - tracy weedon

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