Happy New Year… and changes afoot on Penge High Street

2017 looks like being a year of great change both globally and nationally. Not wishing to be left out, there will be a few significant local changes in Penge too.

The work will mainly be funded by the GLA and TfL and we have tried to capture the key initiatives here:

Redefining Empire Square as an entertainment hub on the High Street

- Removal of the canopy, an improvement in the quality of the pavement and rationalisation of seating and new lighting features that will support it in functioning as a flexible events space.

- Improvements to visibility and access of adjacent alleyway routes that lead onto the square to contribute to an improved connection to Arpley Square.

- Planting of a large prominent tree at the entrance will give the Square presence on the High Street and visually link Arpley and Empire Square where a matching tree will be planted.

Changes to Arpley Square

- A physical upgrade and de-cluttering exercise, including the removal of the overbearing Gate art structure currently framing the toilet block to improve access into the Square, providing a more generous public realm which is associated with existing and future events on the High Street.

- Creation of a clearly defined space for Market stalls to be used at larger events.

- The removal of the two trees currently occupying the space which are in poor condition to be replaced with a larger prominent tree which would define the public space on the High Street will provide some green and shade in the space.

Improving road safety and signage on the High Street

- A number of activities, including moving a few bus stops and crossing points on or close to the junction of High Street Penge / Green Lane / Croydon Road and upgrades to some pavements.

- Rationalisation of signage, street furniture and negotiation of the removal of telephone boxes.

- Working with Legible London to improve wayfinding between the town centre, the train stations and Crystal Palace Park through the installation of Legible London signage.

- Installation of plaques on the High Street to support the Heritage trail for Penge.


- The implementation of a Shop Front Improvement and Refurbishment Programme – improvements to shop fronts and building facades on the High

- Launch of a web site dedicated to promoting Penge and its businesses

- The setting up a pop-up shop on the High Street for SMEs and new business start-ups.

Full details can be found on the Bromley council website but exciting times for Penge, we hope you agree.

'Happy New Year… and changes afoot on Penge High Street' have 4 comments

  1. 26th January 2017 @ 10:39 pm Simon

    Hi PTB, thanks for the update on the planned improvements to Penge High Street. Could you give us the link to the info on bromley council’s website?


  2. 15th February 2017 @ 9:52 pm Arj

    Are there any photos what it is expected to look like once finalised?


  3. 16th February 2017 @ 9:54 am Paul Mawdesley

    This was produced some time ago but gives you an idea of broad thoughts: http://cds.bromley.gov.uk/documents/s50037817/Enc.%202%20for%20TOWN%20CENTRES%20DEVELOPMENT%20PROGRAMME%20UPDATE.pdf


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