My Penge: Joel Taylor

‘People are just starting to realise what a great place it is.’

Joel is the deputy news editor at the Metro. He lives in the Alexandra Cottages with his wife and two young daughters.

The thing I like most about Penge is that it’s full of character and charm. Its architecture is modest, yet lovely.

My favourite thing about Penge is the high street. I go shopping there with my eldest daughter. We like to pop into the butcher’s and have a good old chat with them – they’ve known her since she was born. Then we’ll head to the Penge Food Centre for fruit and veg, feta cheese and flatbread.

You should move to Penge because in a few years’ time you might not be able to. It really is up and coming – it’s fabulously well connected transport-wise, and there are more and more nice things to see and do here. People are just starting to realise what a great place it is.

I wish Penge had a bookshop.

If I were Mayor of Penge for the day, I’d sort out the litter problem. It drives me bonkers. I think Penge suffers from being on the edge of the borough – it gets forgotten by the council.

The best thing in Penge for keeping kids entertained is all the green space. There’s so much of it here. We’re just round the corner from Alexandra Recreation Ground, which is lovely. And my daughter loves the dinosaurs and the farm at Crystal Palace Park.

If the dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park could talk, they’d say, ‘Hey, you’ve got me all wrong – I didn’t look anything like this.’

The thing I wish more people knew about Penge is that it’s not just a funny name. If people knew it, they wouldn’t laugh at it so much.

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  1. 22nd May 2015 @ 3:32 pm Graham Adamson

    Is there a Penge Support Group ? The Crystal Palace has it’s group , so why not Penge . I spent my first 13 years in Penge …. it’s part of my childhood mythology . I now live in North Wales , but manage to visit Penge while staying with my niece on Gypsy Hill . Is there a place to share memories of Penge ? …. I am still proud to tell even strangers that I come from Penge …. the name has it’s own magic .An early friendship was with Paul Perks , the younger brother of Bill (Wyman) Perks .
    Penge-raised and proud of it .


    • 23rd May 2015 @ 10:34 am Paul Mawdesley

      There’s a Facebook group for Penge Tourist Board with 2000 members. There’s also a Facebook group called In And Around Penge where people discus old photo’s


    • 23rd October 2015 @ 7:32 pm Chris Males

      Lived in Penge for 21 years and spent most of my youth enjoying life playing in Penge Rec, Carol Park, Crystal Palace.
      Could well have known Graham Adamson if he lived iat the top end Melvin Rd opposite the hall.
      Unfortunately it seems that the Maple Rd market where I worked on my uncle’s stall has disappeared.
      Also knew Paul Perks – went to school with him .
      I live in Dorset now but still have many happy memories
      Chris Males


      • 27th November 2016 @ 9:43 pm Butler david

        If your dad was a caretaker probably was in same class


        • 10th June 2017 @ 8:04 pm Chris Males

          Yes he was caretaker at Malclm Primary School .
          I had an uncle who had a green grocry stall in Maple Rd – I also have a recollection that we played fotball togeather.


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